Why Community Service and Theatre?

Theatre is "other people-centered".  It is about being attentive to the needs of your acting partners and audience members, and giving of yourself, for in every performance actors give a bit of themselves to their audiences.  To do this, actors must be comfortable and confident in themselves, while being attentive and compassionate towards others. For young actors, learning this is a skill that will carry them far in theatre and in life.  At TAP, all of our actors will have the opportunity to engage with, and give back, to their community, practicing putting "others" before themselves and  learning from those around them, in order to best share and expand upon their own gifts and talents. 


2018-2019 Outreach: Special Needs Community

We are thankful to have the opportunity to partner with 321 Coffee, a pop-up coffee shop run by members of the special needs community.  They provide coffee during pre-show and Intermission of our productions!  We are also blessed to share the stage with a group of inspiring special needs dancers.  This past fall they performed during Intermission of Willy Wonka Jr, and  we look forward to continuing to collaborate with the dancers throughout the year!