Mission and Vision


Theatre Academy Productions Mission Statement

At Theatre Academy Productions, we strive to cultivate and instill in children a passion for theatre and the performing arts through self-exploration, teamwork, creativity, and play. Through theatre, we empower children to explore their own potential. The children collaborate with peers and professionals to create engaging and challenging theatre experiences. We believe that every child has unique gifts and should be given the opportunity to explore them.

"TAP" Into Your Potential

Theatre is more than acting, singing, and dancing onstage. It is an art form that teaches and requires self-motivation, dedication, leadership, discipline, and collaboration. Through classes, rehearsals, and performances, children tap into their curiosity to “create and do” in ways they never knew they were capable of.   Rehearsing a play or a musical is a process through which children explore their abilities, develop self-confidence, challenge themselves, learn to problem solve with their peers, and gain skills that will carryover into all aspects of their lives. Theatre changes lives, and we hope to positively impact the life of each child who is a part of our TAP family.

Educate, Explore and Entertain!

At TAP, we EDUCATE children in theatre and the performing arts, while encouraging them to EXPLORE their gifts and talents, to ENTERTAIN and bring joy to their audiences.  

Engage with the Community

As a local children’s theatre company in the Triangle area, we aim to engage our children and their families in the community.  Through performance-based service and collaboration with other local organizations, our children have the opportunity to give back to the community that supports and encourages them